She was pregnant with their first child - a miracle of Ayurvedic science gifted the couple which, they feared might never take place.

It was May 2021, a middle-aged couple walked into my clinic with a sense of despair. They sat in front of me and handed a report to me, with a sad expression on their face. This couple was referred to me by another couple who took treatment to conceive their first child. It was the first time the couple were exploring Ayurveda. A reproductive specialist whom they consulted, opined that conceiving a baby would not be possible naturally and hence advised the couple to go in for IVF treatments. As they were not ready for the same, they visited me at Sanjeevani Ayurveda, J P Nagar , Bangalore.

Few years earlier, Mr Kavan(Name Changed) aged 39 had been diagnosed with Oligoasthenazoospermia - a conditon where in there is decrease in the concentration and percentage of motile spermatozoa and also morphological changes are seen.

Mrs Kavan aged 33 was not having any medical condition except for low haemoglobin.

“My aim and concern was to the answer the question...will it be possible from Ayurvedic intervention

A detailed case history of both the couple was taken and a customised treatment plan was planned. Mr Kavan was initially advised to undergo one of the Panchakarma therapy - Virechana to detox his body, Post which he was given medicines for correcting the morphology of the sperms and a detailed counselling was done regards diet and life style.

Mrs Kavan was treated for Anaemia

After 6 months the tests were repeated, we saw a significant improvement in the sperm analysis reports.

In the month of november 2021,the couple came to me with a big smile on their face as Mrs Kavan had a positive urine pregnancy test. She was asked to undergo Beta HCG test to confirm the same.

I have seen many people discontinuing the treatments inbetween, thinking its not helping them. Patience and trust in the science of Ayurveda can work wonders in their life too. Kindly do not do self medication without any proper guidence from the ayurvedic experts.

Myself Dr. Geeta Patil, encourage couples like Mr and Mrs Kavan to not despair when dealing with infertility, as Ayurvedic shodhana and shamana therapies are at our disposal to help the chances of conceiving normally and also boost the conception rate in IUI and IVF treatments.

Stay blessed always

Dr Geeta M Patil