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Given the choice, who amongst us would not want a healthy scalp and lustrous hair??

Ayurveda stresses on fact that our food habits and our lifestyle is directly related to the health of our hair. In our day-to-day life, our hair can be affected by disturbances in our digestion, external environmental factors, personal and hereditary vulnerabilities, as well as our stress levels and the overall quality of our lives.

Ayurveda offers quite an impressive number of treatment strategies for optimizing hair health, all of which are relevant even today. Ayurveda calls for a consistent hair care routine for healthy hair.

Common Hair Problems faced: Hair loss, thinning of hair, dry and damaged hair, hair fall, dandruff, oily hairs, premature greying of hairs

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For a healthy and well nourished scalp and strong hairs:


Moisturizing and massaging the scalp with medicated oils helps to nourish and strengthen the hair roots promoting hair growth.


Stimulates and boosts blood circulation.


Application of herbal packs using various herbal powders and pastes results in healthy scalp and conditioning of hairs.


For nourishment and balance.

How do we treat?

  • Firstly, we delve into the root cause of the condition
  • Diagnosis and treatment will be planned laying emphasis on your body constitution
  • Diet and Lifestyle counseling
  • Topical or systemic treatment modalities and medications will be given accordingly

Benefits of Hair Care

  • Stimulates healthy hair growth
  • Aides to overcome Dandruff Problems
  • Improves the look and feel of the scalp and hairs
  • Healthy, conditioned hairs
  • Help maintain the moisture balance and the shine of hairs
  • Protects your hair from everyday environmental issues

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