Nasya (medicated nasal drops)

Nasya therapy involves instilling of medicines through the nasal route. Ayurveda believes nose to be the doorway to the head and it is the passageway in which the life force energy enters the body in the form of prana. The nose is the preferred channel for treating various conditions of the eyes, ears, nose, throat, head and diseases above the shoulder. It is helpful in promotion of health, especially of sensory organs and is therapeutically indicated for the diseases of head & neck and also for the management of many systemic diseases including endocrine disorders.

Pratimarsha Nasya is a type of Nasya which is indicated for daily practice and is helpful in prevention of diseases of head, neck, oral cavity and also respiratory disorders.

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Benefits of Nasya

  • After several weeks of treatment, nasyam strengthens your sense organs.
  • Nasyam helps in thinning of hair and premature graying of hair
  • It also enhances vision.
  • Specially indicated in headaches, migraines, sinusitis, dizziness, sleep disturbances, nasal polyps, frozen shoulder and many other conditions.
  • Strengthens the immune system
"Nasya treatment to combat ENT issues, seasonal allergies and more". Sanjeevani Ayurveda, Bangalore will guide you to boost your immune system.

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