Virechana is one of the Panchakarma therapies specifically aimed to eliminate excessive Pitta Dosha. It is medically induced purgation to remove the toxins from the body and to re-establish the status of health. When pitta crosses its normal limits, it accumulates in the dhatus (body tissues) and in the strotas (body channels) causing various disorders. This accumulated pitta is liquefied and then pushed out of the body by means of virechana.

Virechan proves effective particularly in hyperacidity, constipation, piles, anemia, jaundice, liver disease, disease of the spleen, chronic fevers and in life style disorders like thyroid, diabetes, obesity, pitta predominant disease and in skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, herpes, lichen planus and also in diseases of reproductive system.

Panchakarma Ayurveda

Benefits of Virechana

  • Flushes out of the toxins and excess mucus from the GI tract and thus improves digestion.
  • Relieves many gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Stimulates the liver and thus improves metabolism and fat digestion.
  • Improves the condition of skin disorders, rashes & allergies.
  • Effective treatment in many gynaecological disorders
  • Detoxification in case of accumulation of Pitta dosha
  • Helps in better management of diabetes, PCOD and Thyroid
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